Toddler lunchbox

Hello moms! This has to be one of my top 5 most hated things of being a mother. The responsibility to pack lunch! Why? Because it’s difficult! It’s like cooking for the queen… Everything has to be perfect or YOU WILL PAY! If your kids are anything like mine, they are very VERY picky! And no, that doesn’t just mean there are a list of … Continue reading Toddler lunchbox

The Big D word….

Depression. According to World Health Organisation South Africa has the 6th Highest suicide rate in the world. And still we tippi-toe around the topic! Depression is a real medical condition. Its a chemical imbalance in the brain and completely treatable if caught early enough, but because we as a society judge so easily we tend to ignore the symptoms. My close friends know that I … Continue reading The Big D word….

Being judged

Hello beautiful people! So, we went to visit family over the weekend. And as much as I love visiting, its really hard. I dont know if you guys also have this, but its like my kids change into little curious critters when we enter a different house. Suddenly what ever amazing manners they had the day before gets left behind in a cartoon effect dust … Continue reading Being judged

Who am I?

So welcome to everyone who is following this blog. As it says, I am a working mom, wife and friend. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful boys aged 3 and 2. My life is pretty busy trying to keep up with everything but that doesnt mean my life is boring. On the contrary, there are quite a couple of things that happen throughout the … Continue reading Who am I?